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Maria Cristina Foundation

Updated: May 1, 2018

In February 2010 Maria Conceicao, Founder of the Maria Cristina Foundation approached TPRC to help generate awareness on the foundation and its efforts to raise funds to support the impoverished children and families of Bangladesh. Her mission then was to trek to the North Pole to raise AED 1 million. 


The TPRC team was in charge of formulating a PR strategy that would assist Maria in securing sponsors for her trek and ultimately raise funds for the charity. This included securing placement in tier 1 dailies, magazines, online, TV and Radio. TPRC was involved in handling all content management, monitoring, sending out press material etc. 


As a result of precise hard-hitting news and great story angles, a total of AED 3.5million was raised and the schooling, transportation, food, uniforms for 7 kids were secured until they completed their education.


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