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Crisis Management 

A crisis situation could damage your business, and your organisation must be prepared to respond. We offer complete PR and social media crisis communications services and can effectively and successfully manage any activity that negatively impacts your brand and reputation. 

Public Relations 

Clear objectives, a strong strategy and the right stories with strong narratives, are fundamental to achieving the right media coverage. From traditional to online media channels, we communicate your story in a voice that is credible and relevant to your stakeholders and create content that people want to read, interact with, and share


Every brand has its own DNA, personality, tone and story. From understanding a brand’s general concept and conceptualizing the communication theme, to establishing some of the most intricate details we help you communicate a story that sparks conversation and action

Event Management 

Whether it’s the introduction of a new brand, a product launch, fashion show or conference, we’ve done it all. We can take care of everything you need from conceptualization to implementation, to make your event a success. 

Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of a wider public relations strategy. From creating content to managing activities across social media platforms and managing influencer/blogger relations, we provide you with the expertise of managing comprehensive PR programs.

Experimental Marketing

If well planned and executed, experiential marketing is an unbeatable way for brands to realize their marketing ambitions through meaningful and memorable experiences. Our strategic approach to brand storytelling is creative, inspiring and one that leaves a lasting impression.

Internal Communications 

Effective internal communication is a powerful force and the key to inspiring your employees to work collaboratively towards a common goal. When employees are engaged and understand the companies vision and strategy, they feel connected, and they’re clear about how to do their jobs to help your organization succeed.

Talent Management

Whether its providing clients with local and international models, artists, entertainers, photographers or stylists for shoots and events, we help clients source the best talent in the market to meet their overall PR & marketing objectives.

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