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Updated: May 15, 2018

Batiste the World's #1 dry shampoo brand officially launched across the Middle East in 2017 with its fragrance range.


TPRC organized a region-wide press launch of the brand which included: content creation and management; comprehensive public relations; international media relations including arranging for 16 journalists from across the region to fly in for the event; venue selection, decor and overall event management.

Post-event, the scope of work was extended to include social media management and brand collaborations. Here, key activities included: content creation; creatives; online community management; conceptualizing and implementing a themed campaign with bloggers/influencers & consumers; and collaborations with third party organizations such as Glambox to generate awareness of the brand via targeted sampling.


Great feedback from local and international media and influencers on the launch, product, and overall brand experience. The launch event was widely covered across the region, generating over $180,000 worth of coverage. Post-launch, TPRC continued to exceed its KPIs for the brand, ensuring it’s one of the most talked about dry shampoo’s in the region. Its social media platfrms gained momentum doubling followers in the second half of the year. The products were also reviewed by many key regional bloggers/influencers, generating wide-spread awareness and popularity of the fragrance range.


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